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Our AJKA-I/USA West Coast Instructor Training Program is under the direction of Edmond Otis, 8th dan. For information please contact him at

Our East Coast program is under the direction of Sensei Rob DeAngelis, 6th dan. Please contact him at


Dear Shotokan Instructor and Practitioner

If you are interested in joining the AJKA-I, you may do so online, 100% secured via Paypal:

Membership Options
OR please click here for an INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION and here for a CLUB APPLICATION. Or email a request for individual or club application forms to, or call me directly at the numbers provided on this site. Once submitted, you will be contacted within 3 days of receipt regarding approval of membership.

We continually look to develop and strengthen our association of Shotokan clubs and practitioners. Our mission is to provide a combination of administrative independence and ongoing technical growth.

Benefits of AJKA-I membership include:
Internationally recognized dan ranking and instructor certification - The AJKA-I prides it self on the fact that in this association, instructor ranking privileges are commensurate with recognized dan rank.
Ongoing instructor development training, and general training seminars, held at various locati1ons throughout the country.
Two national training camps per year. One based in Carlsbad, CA, during the month of August, the other held at a different Central or East Coast location each year.
Regional and national championship tournaments.
Access to the highest caliber international competition through various international Shotokan karate competition venues.
Most importantly; association, training and affiliation with like minded, serious shotokan practitioners, and access to an ever widening pool of outstanding, international caliber senior instructors.

Edmond Otis
International Chairman and North American Chief Instructor

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